Designed and manufactured in its workshop in the French Jura,TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear’s pioneering lines are world-renowned for their advanced design, innovative materials and ergonomic engineering. Like its watchmaking counterpart, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear draws upon an active engagement in the world of sports for inspiration.  A powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, ergonomic engineering, development and production delivers eyewear that remains unrivaled in performance and patented innovation. Come in to see Stanley and discover one of the largest and most desired brands in the industry.

CHARMANT LINEART - Light and gentle of touch, LineArt is a Charmant Group signature range of eyewear which unites an airy elegance with an ultra-modern fashion statement. This exceptional fusion oftechnology and art is inspired by the beauty of music and the delicacy of stringed instruments resulting in a recreation of the harmony of sound in tangible form. The frame is highly flexible and has sleek temples to provide a gentle and secure fit. The frame is ergonomically designed for the ultimate fitting comfort. The curvature of the temple rests comfortably and securely.

Yes! We have kids eyewear! Kids go 100% all out, all the time. And never once do they stop to think about how their developing eyesight is especially fragile. That's why their glasses and sunglasses should be anything but. Stanley has frames that are lightweight, fit comfortably and look so cool that your kids will actually wear them. 

Crizal® No-Glare Lenses...Live life in the clear! Crizal No-Glare lenses are the market leader of No-Glare (Anti-Reflective) ophthalmic lenses, with over 300 million Crizal lenses sold, and are worn and trusted by over 150 million people worldwide. Crizal is the only No-Glare range on the market offering the most complete protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV reflection, and the most enduring clarity of vision
by fighting the 5 enemies of clear vision—glare, scratches, smudges,
dust and water. ​
Combine the best of the best: Varilux® with Crizal®.

Products & Services

The CAVIAR Collection has become synonymous with trimmed and exotic eyewear, bold and sweeping temple treatments, special products such as genuine exotic wood, larger-than-usual sizing, evening wear beyond compare and a collection of innovative designs “par excellence” which the consumer cannot find elsewhere.

Due to the innovative interaction of technology and design, the unique Silhouette®materials and Silhouette production techniques endow these frames with unbeatable wearing comfort. Favoring a timelessly flowing minimalist look, the Classic Visions models gently cling to the wearer’s head. A vibrant color range further intensifies their expressive character. The Titan Minimal Art frames are super-lightweight and yet extremely sturdy. The titanium temples are attached directly to the lenses using a technology specially developed by Silhouette®, which renders hinges superfluous The focus is on the essential. The design of the Titan Minimal Art rimless frames is the epitome of clear-cut lines – a trait further enhanced by the extraordinary lightness and the material titanium. One of the most popular frames Stanley carries.

Flexon® has changed the world of eyewear and sunwear as we know it. Defying all laws of nature, Flexon® frames return to shape even after accidental bending occurs. Crafted with a titanium based alloy Flexon® is able to offer the wearer superior eyewear and provides comfort, durability and functionality.

Simply the Best Products & Warranties in the Eyewear Industry…Stanley’s Custom Eyewear, offering ​Style, Quality AND Value!

Varilux®, the world’s finest progressive lens - the most advanced lens technology, the most reliable anti-reflective coated lens available today. It's the latest technology design with thinner, lighter lenses. New technology brings new benefits. Varilux®  lenses are the only progressive lenses with the distortion-reducing benefits of W.A.V.E. Technology™: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement, giving you better vision than you probably thought was possible, whether you are looking near, far, or anywhere in-between.



​All Polarized prescription sun lenses are not the same. Xperio UV lenses are so superior to other polarized sun lenses that they take the outdoor vision protection to a whole new level. From superior color, clarity & optics to unparalleled UV protection, Xperio UV lenses gives you the best vision under the sun! Xperio UV Superior Polarized Sun lenses• Eliminate 100% of blinding reflective glare• Offering the maximum UV protection available of an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 50+• Up to 3 times more scratch resistant than competitive polarized lenses• Sharpest vision and clarity to see vibrant colors•

The Varilux S Series provides you with limitless vision. Thanks to three revolutions based on the most sophisticated advances in optics and the knowledge of wearer physiology: Nanoptix™ Technology is a revolution in lens technology that ensures stability in motion; SynchronEyes™ Technology is a revolution in physiological science that provides expansive vision; 4D Technology™ revolutionizes personalized lenses by taking into account for the first time the leading, dominant eye to help patients experience Faster Visual Reaction Time™.

Let's Build Your Lenses

Transitions lenses are designed to be worn all day long, outdoors and indoors. And you can get them in virtually every frame, style, size and prescription. They're even great for children. They don’t just make everything look great, they also reduce eye fatigue and strain. And even block 100% of UVA/UVB light. Transitions lenses change effortlessly, but the technology behind them is anything but simple. A complex formula of photochromic molecules make light, dark and every shade in between possible. Come in to learn about the newest - Transitions® Signature™ VII!

The Taxi Eyewear  collection is defined as “smart casual”. Taxi eyewear offers creative, artistic Italian design. These designer eyeglass frames are individually created and hand painted using bold colors and daring designs...the models of this line are very comfortable.



All day your eyes are bombarded by light.  All day Transitions XTRActive lenses adapt to help protect your eyes from fatigue and strain caused by UV light and bright glare outdoors, and even activate behind the windshield.  Indoors they have a comfortable hint of tint to shield your eyes from strain caused by harsh indoor light.

  • Activation behind the windshield of a car
  • Comfortable hint of tint indoors to shield the eyes from harsh indoor light
  • Our darkest lens outdoors, even in the hottest temperatures
  • Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Designed to work with most prescriptions and frames

Each frame is hand-made and hand-painted with the use of enamel and gilt. At the same time, the process of frame production also involves modern technologies and equipment, guaranteeing high quality and thorough technical control of each operation

Why choose Thin&Lite® high-index lenses? ​
​It’s the thinnest lens and latest technology in high index. It offers extreme flatness for cosmetics and optical performance. It delivers transparency, unparalleled durability, and unmatched clean ability and smudge resistance with. It is a high-tech product that appeals to upscale consumers. Patients looking for extreme thinness and flatness and Mid-to-high-prescription patients looking for best cosmetics. Ideal for strong prescriptions.

Casanova vintage glasses should be bought by those who weigh their fashion higher than anything else. These are indeed remarkable glasses that can bring out the very best in one’s self in just about no time at all. 

CHARMANT TITANIUM PERFECTION is the flagship eyewear collection carrying the name and sharing the development and history of the Charmant Group, the number one manufacturer and supplier of titanium eyewear in the world.“Charmant” means enchanting, and the Charmant brand has become synonymous with a modern and stylish men’s and women’s eyewear label which provides elegant and timeless flair through a combination of sophisticated and fashionable design, innovative technology, and superior wearer comfort. These titanium frames utilize flawless manufacturing techniques and delivers the essential ingredients 
of a world class product for the modern individual: timeless elegance,
​contemporary lightness, style, comfort, and unmatched status.
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